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 libu8.hThese functions provide miscellaneous functionality
 u8contour.hThese declarations and macros support dynamic execution contexts for use in exception handling, memory de/allocation, etc
 u8convert.hFunctions and structures for converting between UTF-8 and external encodings
 u8crypto.hProvides u8_cryptofns
 u8ctype.hThese functions and macros interrogate and transform unicode points
 u8exceptions.hThese functions provide ways of managing exception state for libu8 and programs built on it
 u8filefns.hThese functions access the metadata for local files
 u8fileio.hThese functions provide wrappers for the STDIO and open() calls
 u8logging.hThese functions provide various ways of logging program events
 u8netfns.hThese functions provide for network access, especially network database functions and connection creation
 u8pathfns.hThese functions provide ways to manipulate file pathnames
 u8printf.hThis is a customizable formatted printer (based on printf) that works with libu8 streams (and wrapped for standard output)
 u8rusage.hProvides u8_getrusage
 u8signals.hThese functions support the transformation of signals into u8_raise calls
 u8srvfns.hThese functions provide a scaffolding for internet servers of various sorts, implementing a simple thread pool and listener model
 u8streamio.hThese functions and macros support I/O with UTF-8 streams
 u8stringfns.hThese functions provide utilities over UTF-8 strings
 u8timefns.hProvides various functions for manipulating information about dates and times